2017 marked the realease of multitudes of block busters that shook the box ofice. Will ’18 be the same. well we can do nothing but wait till the latest realeases from various production houses which is definetely gonna make this year worth enjoying. Are you looking for movies to go to this year? Well, wait no more. Here is list of top upcoming movies in 2018.

On Chesil Beach (June 15)

How’s this for summer counterprogramming — an adaptation of Ian McEwan’s 2007 novella about a young couple in early ’60s Britain whose worlds are turned upside-down by a night of terrible sex.

The Incredibles 2 (June 15)

The Incredibles was one of the best superhero movies of the early aughts , and for good reason: Edna Mode! Voice acting by Craig T. Nelson and Holly Hunter! Plus “Honey, where’s my supersuit?” Original writer-director Brad Bird returns for this sequel, which finds Elastigirl out saving the day while Mr. Incredible tries being a stay-at-home dad.

Sicario 2: Soldado (June 29)

Relentlessly grim, blisteringly violent, and shot through with a kind of bone-weary moral ambiguity, the 2015 crime-drama sicario distilled America’s war on drugs down to a cat-and-mouse conflict between special ops contractors (Josh Brolin and Benicio del Toro in conjunction with Emily Blunt’s straight-arrow FBI field agent) and Mexican drug kingpins. Although original director Dennis didn’t re-up for the sequel, Taylor Sheridan (who wrote the screenplays for both films) says the second installment is even darker — “It makes the first one look like a comedy,” he said in an interview last summer — with Brolin and del Toro coming back to trade fire with cartel-enlisted terrorists. “It’s pretty severe,” Brolin confirms to Vulture. “I saw the most recent cut and was like, ‘Fuck!’ I’m psyched about this one.”

The Purge: The Island (July 4)

The Purge series has grown from an ultra-low-budget family chamber play to a full-on horror juggernaut, so it’s about time we gathered ’round for its bloody origin story. The Island is set before the titular lawless night is adopted by the U.S. government, during what series creator and writer James DeMonaco described as “the first experimental Purge.” He told Vulture’s Jordan that “of all the movies, it’s definitely the most topical. It really is a creepy reflection of what’s happening right now.” Also, it takes place on Staten Island. The jokes write themselves, folks.

Ant-Man and the Wasp (July 6)

Unlike the vast majority of Marvel movies, it was not a foregone conclusion that Ant Man would get a sequel. But people seemed to like it, and it made a decent amount of money, so here we are. The title refers not just to Evangeline Lilly’s Hope van Dyne (who’s got her own supersuit now) but also her missing mother Janet, whom viewers will recall disappeared into the Quantum Realm. Considering Janet’s being played by michelle, I’m guessing she’s coming back.

Alita: Battle Angel (July 20)

If your thirst for cyberpunk wasn’t slaked by last year’s Blade Runner 2049, fear not, for Alita: Battle Angel is on its way. There’s a lot of pedigree behind the picture: Robert Rodriguez is directing, as well as co-writing with James Cameron and Shutter Island scribe Laeta Kalogridis; Cameron and blockbuster partner Jon Landau are producing. Despite all that, it’s going to be a bit of a hard sell. the quirky story follows a cyborg bounty hunter searching for her lost memories; and the aforementioned cyborg will be rendered with bizarrely large eyes that have already become the laugh stock. Even if it fails to land, perhaps this will go the way of the Wachowskis’ Speed Racer and become a cult favorite for its ambitious attempts to plumb Japanese pop literature and the Uncanny Valley.

Teen Titans Go! to the Movies (July 27)

Teen Titans Go! is low-key the best DC Comics–based show on TV. The cartoon’s glaring primary colors and frenetic pace provide the sugar-cereal stimulation necessary to entertain a 7-year-old, but its wit is surprisingly sharp and it innovatively ports superhero tropes into sitcom situations in a way that merits study from anyone who writes tales of capes and cowls. The series is getting its own movie in 2018 and may pick up the torch of last year’s the lego Batman movie by being an animated flick that both sends up and lovingly fleshes out the tropes of the spandex genre.

Crazy Rich Asians (August 17)

Fresh Off the Boat’s Constance Wu stars in the adaptation of Kevin Kwan’s best-selling novel, which, for all its rom-com trappings and studio gloss, has the potential to be downright revolutionary. There have been a handful of all-Asian casts in American studio movies before, but none this contemporary. Wu plays Rachel, an economics professor who goes to Singapore with her long-term boyfriend (Henry Golding) for a wedding, only to discover his family and their social circle are, as the title suggests, insanely wealthy — and none too approving of her. Michelle Yeoh, Harry Shum Jr., Awkwafina, and Ken Jeong all round out the massive ensemble.

Boy Erased (September 18)

Trailer will be here soon…..

Jared Conley (Lucas Hedges) was 19 when he was outed to his family, and forced into “counseling” for his homosexuality. Based on his 2016 memoir, Boy Erased tells the story of that twisted conversion therapy. Joel Edgerton directs the coming out — and coming-of-age — drama: Jared spars with the camp’s head therapist, played by Edgerton himself, and battles his conservative Baptist parents, played by Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe.
A Star Is Born. Photo: Neal Preston/Warner Bros. Pictures

A Star Is Born (October 5)

First Clint Eastwood flirted with directing Beyonce’ in this third remake of the Judy Garland–starring 1937 classic. But Bradley Cooper ultimately boarded the romantic musical-drama to make his directorial debut. He also co-stars as Jackson Maine, a faded country music star who discovers and embarks on a torrid love affair with a talented unknown named Ally . But as her star begins to rise and eclipses his achievements, Jackson struggles with the existential fallout of his career decline. With musical performances by Cooper and Gaga shot at Coachella and the U.K.’s Glastonbury Festival last year, expect the movie to hew more closely in style and substance to 1976’s Barbra Streisand–Kris Kristofferson incarnation than the original.

Venom (October 5)

Topher Grace played the sharp-fanged comic book supervillain in director Sam Raimi’s 2007 Spider-Man 3. Now it’s Tom Hardy’s turn to inhabit the role — Spidey’s most infamous arch-enemy, Eddie Brock, who finds himself enveloped by a symbiotic alien, supersuit-like, that imbues its host with incredible powers — in this R-rated bad-guy-centric spinoff. Almost no information about the Ruben Fleischer–directed film has reached the public, save that Spider-Man won’t be in it. But given Oscar nominee Hardy’s predilection for portraying psychotic, intense, often terrifying characters, expectations are high that Venom won’t anything like usual heroes-in-tights fare.

First Man (October 12)

Yes, 2018 will see both Early Man and First Man, though I guess that’s nothing compared to 2017’s movies based on wonders. This one has nothing to do with cavemen — it’s Damien Chazelle’s Neil Armstrong biopic, starring Ryan Gosling. (If you prefer your astronauts sexily bald, Corey Stoll will play Buzz Aldrin.) And if you’re curious — yes, Neil Armstrong played jazz.
Mary Queen of Scots. Photo: Parisa Tag/Focus Features

Mary Queen of Scots (November 2)

Trailer will be here soon…..

From Sacramento issues to sacramental issues (which of course were at the heart of the religious factionalism of the 16th century),Lady bird’s Saoirse Ronan stars as the titular monarch in this biopic by the Donmar Warehouse’s Josie Rourke. As always, she’ll face off against Elizabeth II, who’s played in this telling by Margot Robbie, an actress who’s already proven she’s capable of embodying

X-Men: Dark Phoenix (November 2)

Trailer will be here soon…..

The X-Men film franchise has always been a hit-or-miss endeavor, and the last entry in the core sequential story, 2016’s X-men(Apocalypse), has largely been chalked up as a miss. The next installment, Dark Phoenix, is a risky endeavor, largely because of its writer-director, Simon Kinberg. Though Kinberg has long been a producer on the franchise, his record is spotty on writing and he’s never directed a feature before. The ’90s-set story will adapt one of the most famous in the X-Men comics canon, so expectations among geeks will be high. It’ll also be interesting to see how the tale wraps up, given that this ongoing story may be coming to a close thanks to the planned Disney-Fox merger. Could rewrites after the deal’s announcement make this the rare superhero movie with an actual conclusion?

Creed 2 (November 21)

Trailer will be here soon…..

The first Creed movie matched a triumphant sports movie with daddy issues, plus a healthy amount of Michael Bay Jordon thirst fulfillment. The sequel looks to offer the same: Sylvester Stallone has hinted that this time Donnie (Jordan) will go up against the Ivan Drago character that killed Apollo in Rocky IV. With Sly otherwise occupied, Creed has found a new Coogler-approved director: Steven Caple Jr.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (December 14)

Introduced in the pages of Marvel Comics in 2011, Miles Morales has swiftly become one of the most beloved new characters in superhero-dom. He’s an Afro-Latino teenager living in New York City who assumes the Spider-Man mantle after the death of Peter Parker (it’s comics, so Peter’s fine now, don’t worry), and though he represented a breakthrough for representation of people of color in comics, he also turned out to just be a solid vehicle for storytelling about adolescence, legacy, and family. He makes his big-screen debut in this CGI-animated flick set in a different world than last year’s live-action Spider-Man: Homecoming. Well, we should say worlds, plural, because it appears that the picture will follow Miles’s adventures across the multiverse, interacting with alternate versions of Spider-Man from myriad other dimensions. If that seems intimidatingly confusing, take comfort in the fact that it’s written by The Lego Moviescribes Phil Lord and Chris Miller alongside Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch. Plus, it has the voice of Mahershala Ali and that, alone, is likely to be worth the price of admission.

Aquaman (December 21)

Trailer will be here soon…..

The DC Comics–adapted Aquaman will be a moment of truth for Warner Bros. Audiences and critics turned their noses up at their last DC movie, November’s Justice League; will 13 months be enough time for the stink to wash away? There’s reason to believe this undersea epic about a superpowered amphibi-man will turn out significantly better than Justice League did: Unlike the latter, it wasn’t plagued by directorial replacements or reports of behind-the-scenes chaos. Instead, we’ve heard about a smooth production led by The Conjuringdirector James Wan. On top of that, Aquaman has been guided at a senior level by DC films co-chairs Geoff Johns and Jon Berg, whose influence on Justice League was limited but who played a major role in DC megahit Wonder Woman. Will Aquaman’s quality and reception skew more toward the latter than the former? Audiences will have to dive in to find out.

Mary Poppins Returns (December 25)

The woman who taught American children the meaning of the word “tuppence” is back, and this time she’s being played by Emily Blunt. Disney would very much like you to know that this is a sequel and not a remake, which means that Blunt’s Poppins is visiting the grown-up versions of the children she nannied all those years ago. She also brings along a lamplighter — not a chimney sweep! Never a chimney sweep! — played by Lin-Manuel Miranda, whose Cockney accent might be the greatest challenge of his career.

Roma (TBD)

Trailer will be here soon…..

After forays into dystopian futures, Hogwarts, and outer space, director Alfonso Cuarón has downscaled for this intimate family drama set in 1970s Mexico. If it’s anything like the director’s Y Tu Mama Tambien, we’re onboard, though we’ll miss the contributions of Cuarón’s longtime cinematographer, the Oscar winner Emmanuel Lubezki.

If Beale Street Could Talk (TBD)

Trailer will be here soon…..

It took almost a decade for director Barry Jenkins to mount a follow-up to his debut Medicine for Melancholy, but that second film was the acclaimed Moonlight, and Jenkins hasn’t wasted any time since its Best Picture win. Last fall, he began shooting If Beale Street Could Talk, his adaptation of the James Baldwin novel about two young lovers split apart by police corruption. Here’s hoping we don’t have to wait too long to get a first look.

Suspiria (TBD)

Trailer will be here soon…..

After his mainstream breakthrough with Call Me by Your Name, director Luca Guadagnino is switching gears with this remake of the classic Dario Argento horror film, this time starring Tilda Swinton and Dakota Johnson. When we recently spoke to Armie Hammer for Vulture, he raved about screening an early cut of Suspiria: “It’s awesome, I loved it. It ticked a lot of my boxes … it’s cold, it’s dark, it’s austere, it’s moody, it’s broody, it is evil! Full-on evil!”

Widows (TBD)

Trailer will be here soon…..

Director Steve McQueen follows his Best Picture winner ’12 years a slave’ with this legends-only crime thriller written by Gillian Flynn and starring Viola Davis, Cynthia Erivo, Elizabeth Debicki, and Michelle Rodriguez as four widows who decide to finish off the heist that killed their husbands. That should really be enough for you, but the movie also co-stars Colin Farrell, Carrie Coon, Daniel Kaluuya,Liam Neeson, and Jon Bernthal, just in case you were somehow on the fence.

The Nightingale (TBD)

Trailer will be here soon…..

Jennifer Kent’s sterling horror movie The Babadook was among 2014’s best films, then became one of 2017’s most unexpected memes. At least it has kept anticipation high for her next project, a revenge thriller set in 19th-century Tasmania about an Irish convict who teams up with an Aboriginal tracker to find the men who killed her family.

Beautiful Boy (TBD)

Trailer will be here soon…..

After seizing the spotlight with both Call Me by Your Name andLady bird this past season, Timothy Chalamet will prove he’s no fluke with his role in Beautiful Boy as a young man whose meth addiction tests his relationship with his father (Steve Carell). It’s based on the memoir by David Sheff, and should be a harrowing experience.

The Sisters Brothers (TBD)

Trailer will be here soon…..

Jacques Audiard, one of the best French directors, plunges into English-language cinema with a stacked cast: Joaquin Phoenix, John C. Reilly, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Riz Ahmed all headline this story about two assassin brothers pursuing their mark in 1850s Oregon. With a cast like that doing the gun-slinging, we’re in.


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